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Skate Club Blues

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Another Friday Knight, I'm drivin' to the rink.
I ain't seen the red light since I don't know when.
Stuck drinkin' loser beer, the game keeps dragin' on.
Cuz that "D" keeps a-hackin, Led by the Big Dean Chop.

And then there's Mikey Myers, tearin' up the ice.
Swingin' his stick skyward to knock me to the ice.
He clubbed me with his lumber  'n broke my arm in two.
When I hear his skates a-choppin, I hang my head and cry.

I hear Dean Ortel comin'. He's skatin' up the ice.
I know he's gonna chop me cuz he's already done it twice.
I'm playin' Friday hockey, and my team's on top.
But Dean keeps movin' in, for the Big Dean Chop.

Well there's one more to mention and Glen Boice is his name.
He hooks you from behind boy and you'll never be the same.
That's how it is on Fridays, I guess it just won't stop.
If you're playin' Friday Hockey, you'll get a Big Dean Chop.