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Friday Knights
5/18 2001 Game Result






Opponent: Wild

Result: Win 6 - 1

With Scotty held hostage by Northwest Airlines, the Knights were on their own to battle the Troy Wild with Assistant Coach Pete "Dave Lewis" McDonald at the helm.  The game proved to be a yawner, but you wouldn't know if from the first period.  The Knights' PJ Macaskill scored just 26 seconds into the game with a fine wrister/slapper from the point but the Wild tied it up soon after ... it wasn't until there were 14 seconds left in the first period that the Knights took the lead for good. Steve Benninger took a pass from Pete McDonald and Mike Macaskill to give the Knights a led they'd never relinquish.  

The second period was barely underway when Stevie B returned the favor to Pete McDonald by setting Pete up for a beautiful goal.  The Knihgts never looked back after that.  Terry (aka Toe) Toland decided that it was his turn to score and he took a pass from Tim Vanneste and fired it past the Wild's goalie to make it 4-1 with just 27 seconds left in the period.  

Steve Benninger used the third period to get his hat-trick scoring one goal unassisted and one with the help of Mike Macaskill.  This put the Knights up 6-1, and it was looking pretty boring and fans were starting to head for the parking lot. Mike Macaskill decided that the fans shold stay to the end, so with 4:01 left in the game he slashed a Troy Wild player nad mixed it up a little and drawing the games first "Game-misconduct" penalty. When interivewed, Mike explained that he was wanting to get the ho-hummed/complacent Knights whipped into a frenzy for the next and final game against JOEY'S team .... The 6-1 victory and the fiesty Macaskill did just that - prepared the Knights for a BIG night against JOEY !!!