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Friday Knights
5/11 2001 Game Result

Terrible, Terrible, Terrible!

Opponent: Wolves

Result: Lost 0 - 3

Uh-oh .... could it be a Red Wing history repeat? The Knights were SHUT OUT (!?!?!) 3-0 by the Wolves - a no-name team with as many wins as losses ... The lines thought maybe it was the defense, the defense thought maybe it was the lines ... but everyone agreed that it was PROBABLY POOR COACHNG !!!!!  

Scotty had filled the roster to full capacity with plans to watch/coach from behind the bench ... no one's sure exactly what happened - Scotty had one of his finest Italien suits on, but it's the first time the Knights have ever been shut out ...?!?!?! Even Steve Benninger with all of his "settings" on "Maximum Hustle/Energy" was held scoreless.  It wasn't that he didn't have a half doezen close calls - and for that matter we hit the post 2-3 times ... but lady luck wasn't willing to help us out - not with Scotty standing behind the bench with a clipboard and a worried look!  

The game was pretty even for much of the first half - the Wolves scoring on a sloppy shot that bounched off of more pads and bumpers than a misguided pinball, before sneaking past Brian Bennett in goal. They added a second a minute later with an easy tap-in and it stayed that way thru the rest of the first period, thru the second period and into the third period. The game was pretty much back and forth, but the Knights outplayed the Wolves for the majority of the ice time ... during the last 8 minutes of play in the  2nd period, the Knights kept constant pressure on the goalie who was either very lucky or JOEY's little brother ... The Knights had ALOT of shots and near misses, but no goals! The Friday Knight's Stevie Benninger was a constant flash around the crease and behind the net, but even he couldn't quite get one in the net.  

During the third period the game was pretty even, back and forth, but the Wolves did take the wind out of  the Knight sails with a goal at 9:37 in the final period. Despite constant pressure for the remainder of the game, the Knights came up empty-handed and found themselves victims to their first (and final!) shutout loss of the season (and maybe a victim of poor coaching!).  

The lackluster loss with Scotty Bowman "riding herd" behind the bench may be a "Wake-up call" for Scotty .. a reliable source indicated that Scotty was seen at the Wagon Wheel Tavern with hockey player and coaching legends Marty Pavelich and Gary Rochon, sucking down Labatt's Blue and getting tips and pointers on coaching ...  

No one's sure if the coach is coachable, but expect to see the Knights with an improved game plan for breaking the puck out of their zone in the games/weeks to come....   

One thing's for sure: this far into the season the team needs to be peaking ... if the wins don't start rolling in one after another, expect to hear rumblings of "coach retirement" from the Knight bench, to the Knight locker room to the Knight front office!  

Next game - Monday 5/14 - 8:45p - Rink 2 - vs last years first place regular-season champs the ICEMEN (who succumbed to the Knights in the playoffs) ... Let's all hope they win one for Scotty's sake!!!   Go Knights!