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Friday Knights
4/30 2001 Game Result

Pete - rough morning in Toronto ?

Opponent: Pylons

Result: Knights win 4-1

With the return of the Toronto Road Warriors, the Knights were almost back to peak staffing as they juiced up on No-Doz for their 11:15pm "Late Nite" game with the Pylons ..... The 4-1 score doesn't reflect just how close or how rough the game was ....

The turnout was awesome considering the 11:15pm start time - John "Birdcage" Dharte even showed up with a new, modern, plexiglass half-face shield on a new PLASTIC helmet! (DuPont thanks you John!) ... AND he was newly released from the hosptial with stitches in his elbowfrom Friday's game.... way to hang tough John! (are you sure that injury didn't happen on your motorcycle instetad of Friday's game?!?! Weren't you out biking with Yzerman las week?)

The game started out slowly - with neither team quite awake, but finally aboot half way thru the first period,  Pete McDonald found the net (somehow?!?!) [LUCK!] and kick-started the Knights momentum.  The Pylons quickly tied it up on a face-off miscue (C'mon Scotty!), but after that it was almost all Phil Ruff and the Friday Knights ..... Pete McDonald made it 2 straight with a nice break away wrister, and Gerry Krause, energized (or shamed!) but McDonald's two goals, earned one the "hard way" by going right thru the goalie and into the goal - stick, body, puck and all ... Gerry -
Stevie Benninger and Pete McDonald certainly got nothing on you when it comes to crashing the net!

Pat Granowicz put in the final tally in the third period as the final nail in the Plyon's coffin .... but at that point the game took a turn towards the rough (and Ruff!) ... The Pylons turned it on, but it was too little - too late ... Phil Ruff stopped everything that came his way and the Knights hit the showers are half past midnight, ready for a well-deserved rest ...

Game #5 end 4-1 and put the Knights at 3-1-1 - not a bad start ... getting Benninger, Pavelich and Weston off of the Injured reserve list this week or next should bring the Knights back into "playoff-peaking" form!

Look Out, Troy Ice League .... the Knights are BACK!

Scotty ...

Oh  yeah - despite not following thru on his hat-trick bid, Pete McDonald nominated himself as star of the nite ... everyone was too tired to protest so the nomination stood - heck - he had a couple of pretty good elbows and
checks for a guy recovering from a near-death alcohol poisoning episode!