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Friday Knights
4/20 2001 Game Result

Opponent: Falcons

Result: Knights lose 6-2

Rough nite in HockeyTown ... the Knights were out of it from the get go ... we played the Falcons a new team in the league and they beat us to the puck and beat us on the boards and beat us in the end 6-2 ...   A good wake up call - it looks like the level of hockey at Troy C is gonna be pretty decent - this is the first team we've ever played that had more players on the bench than we did! (the came in with 16 skates and a goalie!) ...   Their team was about on par with the Knights, and they had some good skaters and got ahead of us early 4-0 .... they beat us to the puck and had more than one 2-on-0's and 3-on-1's ... Dave Brown kept us in the game by closing the gap to 4-1 at 14:50 in the 2nd period (assited by Macaskill and Rochon) and Granowicz put one in with shot/passes from Toland and Benninger in the 3rd period ...   We'll need to "take it to the next level" on Monay at 7:45 - Rink 3!  We beat ourselves (see attached photo for system it looked like we were using!) - but they weren't a bad team either ...   Star of the Game - Dave Brown for getting us on the score board with just 10 seconds in the 2nd period and keeping us from going into period three shut out!   Gotta win on Monday!   Scotty