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2005 Jan-Mar

Friday Knight News

Plan - 2005 Apr - Jun  


  Name 3-25 4-1 Plan
1 Boice In In
2 Brandmeier Out ?
3 Brown In In
4 Dharte No Show ?
5 Kappler In In
6 Kaczmarek In In
7 Krause In In
8 Krease Out ?
9 Kurmaniak In Out
10 Macaskill In In
11 Pete McDonald In In
12 Paul McDonald In In
13 Myers In In
14 Ortel In Out
15 Partain No Show ?
16 Sandstrom In In
17 Seewald Out ?
18 Stachowski In In
19 Thomas Out In
20 Toland In In
Sub 1 Benninger In In
Sub 2 Rochon    
Sub 3 Hill In In
Sub 4 Owen In  
Sub 5 Granowicz    
Sub 6 Walsh    
Sub 7 Macauley    
Sub 8 Morgan    
Sub 9 Hein    
  Total 17 15
Goalie Hein    
Goalie Crawford    
Sub 1 RUFF    
Sub 2 JOEY    
Sub 3 Meltdown    
We are setting up the spring roster.  Please confirm that the status we are showing for you in the columns on the right  is correct.

The I-75  to Square Lake Exit is closed.  From the North, you can take M-59 to Martin Luther King Blvd.  Go south to Woodard - This is the dangerous way.  Better to get off at the Adams exit from the North, go  west on Square Lake to Opdyke South to Hickory Grove West (1st light AFTER the RR tracks).   Hickory Grove to Woodward to Square Lake.

As most of you know, Steve and I have been working on the Skate Club Blues song based on Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues.  Here is the mp3 version ready for you to make your own CD:  MP3 - Skate Club Blues.  Here is the video version that Steve made for my Birthday.  I think it may win a Grammy next year:  Video - Skate Club Blues.  Here the Skate Club Blues Web Page complete with Lyrics:  Skate Club Blues Web Page

Look for the return of JOEY in the net April 15th & 22nd while Bob is in Thailand.  Hey Bob, don't forget to take a life preserver.  I hear the waves can get pretty big over there.  Maybe you should take a surfing lesson.

April 29, 30, and May 1 is the annual Hockey North America Tournament.  The Friday Knights will be well represented this year.  Steve Benninger is Captain Chaos and his team is the Detroit Chaos.   Check out the Chaos website.  If you are looking for inspiration, check out the motivational pages for each year.

  Name 2004 status 2005 status
1 Boice    
2 Brandmeier    
3 Brown    
4 Dharte    
5 Kappler    
6 Kaczmarek    
7 Krause    
8 Krease    
9 Kurmaniak    
10 Macaskill    
11 Pete McDonald    
12 Paul McDonald    
13 Myers    
14 Ortel    
15 Partain    
16 Sandstrom    
17 Seewald    
18 Stachowski    
19 Thomas    
20 Toland    
Sub 1 Benninger    
Sub 2 Hill    
Sub 3 Owen    
Sub 4 Granowicz    
Goalie Hein    
Goalie Crawford    
Sub 1 RUFF    
Sub 2 JOEY    
Sub 3 Meltdown    
Plan - 2005 Sep - 2006 Mar  
  Name 3-25
1 Altheim In
2 Benninger Out
3 Boice In
4 Brandmeier No Show
5 Brown In
6 Dharte In
7 Kappler In
8 Kaczmarek Out
9 Krause In
10 Krease In
11 Macaskill In
12 Pete McDonald In
13 Myers In
14 Ortel In
15 Partain No Show
16 Sandstrom In
17 Stachowski Out
18 Thomas In
19 Toland Out
20 Walsh In
Sub 1 Paul McDonald  
Sub 2 Hill  
Sub 3 Owen  
Sub 4 Granowicz  
Sub 5 Kurmaniak  
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